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DSWP API: online people

DSWP API: online people

Use this API to get a list of people online on the various DSWP-related servers (game servers, mumble server, forum and IRC channel on Quakenet). Only people registered on the forum are listed.

How to use

Get the data on this link :

Data are stored in CSV format separated by semicolons, for example :

The format of each line is :
forum id;forum name;current name;bit mask

  • forum id (integer): phpbb forum id. You can use this value provide an URL to someone's profile, for example http://dswp.de/old/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=170.
  • forum name (string): dswp.de forum name. Note: the name can be changed so it may be unsafe to store it for identification purpose.
  • current name (string): nickname currently used on a server (game server, mumble, forum or IRC). If the user is connected to various servers, priorities are : game server > mumble > IRC > forum.
  • bit mask (integer): bit mask containing the servers where the user is connected to. Use bitwise AND to handle this value. See below for servers bit masks.

Server bit masks

TDM: 1
Bomb: 2
Jump: 4
Team survivor: 8
Mumble: 16
IRC: 32
Forum: 64
TDM4.2: 128


Game servers and IRC online status are refreshed every 30 seconds, forum and mumble online status are retrieved in real-time, so the best refresh time value is probably 30 seconds (one update ensured for every servers and not much traffic).